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The Firestone PVC XR System offers both installation flexibility and long-term durability. With polyester weft-inserted reinforcement and a non-woven spunbonded polyester fleece backing, the PVC XR membrane is designed for extreme resistance to a variety of harsh aggressors..

Firestone PVC XR is a flexible and durable thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride roofing membrane that is produced with a polyester weft-inserted reinforcement and a 5.5-ounce non-woven spunbonded polyester fleece backing. Thermoplastic membranes that include a reinforcement layer provide increased dimensional stability and strength.

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Weft insertion strengthens the membrane and limits ripping after a puncture. It can also help make small repairswhen neededeasier and less expensive. Polyester backing helps improve adherence, mechanical fastening, and foundational strength.

While PVC roofing systems are generally ideal for many commercial building types, Firestone PVC XR is particularly suited for the refurbishment of existing roofs where the use of mechanical fixings is difficult or not allowed. The membrane's fleece backing can securely and directly adhere to the specified substrate.

Firestone PVC is a reflective, cool roofing solution that supports a building's energy efficiency and provides long term weatherability. The Firestone PVC XR System also carries standard industry approvals like Factory Mutual (FM).

Features and Benefits

Flexible Installation, Solid Performance

Buildings, factories, airports, sports halls, and morethe Firestone PVC XR System can be installed on a variety of commercial facilities, even those with unique roof layouts. The PVC XR membrane can be adhered with three different adhesives or attached with approved Firestone HD Seam Plates and fasteners.

Potential for Improved Energy Efficiency

PVC roofing materials, especially white PVC roofing, are respected cool roofing solutions. They are highly reflective and offer great weatherability and strong resistance to UV. Firestone PVC XR is available in white, a roofing solution that can provide exceptional reflectivity and emissivity for potential energy savings.

Resistance to Harsh Chemicals and Weather

The Firestone PVC XR membrane is compounded to offer excellent resistance to impacts, punctures, fire, and common rooftop chemicals. Helping to keep your roof and building safe from mother nature as well as other man-made problems, keeping your roof in great shape for years to come.

Excellent Product Variety and Support

You get more than the right roofing and building solutions when you work with Firestone Building Products. Partner with an industry leader for access to product variety and gold-standard support. Firestone PVC XR roofing membranes are available in white, in thicknesses of 60 mils and 80 mils, and in a 10' width. Firestone materials have also achieved Factory Mutual (FM) approvals.

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