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Combine acres of time-tested roofs with Firestone expertise and quality, and you get Firestone Modified Bitumen Roof Systems- available in a variety of installation methods to best suit your structure and application needs.

Firestone Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems provide architects, contractors, and building owners with the ability to design new roofs or re-roof systems that fit a variety of climates, environments, and applications. Material flexibility easily adapts to building movement while simple, economical installation options help save time and money.

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  • EASY TO APPLY: Offered in Ply IV (4) and Ply VI (6) asphalt-impregnated roofing felts, which provide durability and ease of application.

  • DURABLE: Reinforced with a glass fiber mat, the felts are installed in multiple layers with hot asphalt and surfaced with a flood coat and aggregate or mineral-surfaced SBS membrane.

  • FLEXIBLE: System flexibility allows specifiers to select the cap sheet suited to job conditions and local installation practices.

  • STRONG: Thanks to its continuous sealed surface, built-up roofing effectively resists penetration from moisture. Built-up roofs also offer ultra-violet protection, fire-resistance, and minimal maintenance costs.

Firestone BUR System Components

What goes into Firestone BUR products? Rounds of testing, years of commercial-grade technology and expertise, and layers of proprietary material. Firestone products are engineered with a unique elastomeric blend of polymers combined with select grades of refined asphalt for extraordinary flexibility and strength. Learn more about the layers within a Firestone BUR system.

Firestone SBS or APP "Cool" UltraWhite Cap Sheet
The cap sheet is your BUR system's first line of defense against the elements. Two-ply SBS or APP assemblies incorporate high-quality Firestone SBS or APP Base and Cap Sheets.

Firestone Multi-Purpose Cold Adhesive
Firestone multi-purpose cold adhesive is modified with SBS. This modification increases adhesion to insulation and between piles for greater wind uplift resistance.

Firestone SBS or APP Base Sheet
Firestone SBS or APP base sheets support your BUR roof system from the bottom up by protecting the membrane, controlling moisture, and serving as a flame retarder for torch-applied membranes, among other benefits.

Firestone ISOGARD HD Cover Board
The cover board installs between the insulation and membrane. It serves as a barrier, preventing hot asphalt, certain adhesives, and foot traffic from damaging the insulation or other BUR layers. Firestone ISOGARD HD is a 12.7 mm thick polyiso board that combines impact resistance and installation ease in a single durable product.

I.S.O Twin Pack Insulation Adhesive
I.S.O twin pack insulation adhesive is a two-component, low-rise polyurethane adhesive designed for anchoring roof insulation to substrates and adhering multiple layers of insulation.

Firestone Fastener and Plate
Use Firestone fasteners and plates to ensure product compatibility and quality.

Firestone ISO 95 GL Insulation
Firestone ISO 95 GL flat or tapered insulation provides additional protection for the structure and promotes energy savings. Tapered polyiso insulation, in particular, is ideal for a substrate slope that does not permit efficient damage.

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